The EN 1090 standard pays particular attention to the management of welding processes and Steel Solutions has recruited a dedicated and qualified Responsible Welding Coordinator, in addition to this, key personnel have successfully completed various training courses relevant to the standard.

Execution Classes:

- Execution Class 1: Farm Buildings

- Execution Class 2: Buildings

- Execution Class 3: Bridges

- Execution Class 4: Special Structures (e.g. Power Stations)

Steel Solutions (London) Limited has employed the services of the British Standards Institute to audit our systems and subsequently has been issued an EN1090-2:2008 Execution Class 2 Certification (0086-CPR-617310).  This accreditation will allow Steel Solutions (London) Limited to CE Mark products up to and encorporating the specific requirements of Execution Class 2, which is appropriate for the majority of buildings constructed in the United Kingdom.

We are able to increase our level of accreditations dependent on client requirements.


For further information on CE markings and how it may affect you, please refer to the site below.

Remember the law and always use an accredited supplier for your structural steelwork.


Please view our certificate of accreditation here:

CE Marking

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